VA Celebrity Team


Amanda Graber

Florida, USA

Amanda has a fun, loving personality. She’s crazy about Cafe Mochas and historical tv-shows. She is a wonder-kid with administrative assistance and can whip a database into action before you can say “Netflix”

ANissa Cosby

Florida, USA

Anissa is a Cold Brew with Soy milk kinda gal who loves sci-fi and Marvel movies. She rocks graphic design and is a eager VA with a great personality.
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Amy Reitsma

Michigan, USA

Amy is a tea drinker who loves watching Stranger Things and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. She is also a avid reader and great with proofreading and editing documents.

Tiya Roberson

North Carolina, USA

Tiya loves hot chocolate and comedy shows and is a kick butt online business manager with a flair for social media management.


Chelsea Guilfu

Texas, USA

Chelsey is a Green tea drinking, Netflix watching momma bear who has a knack for web design and social media management.

Cynthia Maybury

Illinois, USA

Cynthia has a passion for digital marketing and loves watching documentaries on Netflix.  She’s rockstar VA with skills to match!

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Yumna Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Yumna is from the mother city and is a ambitious comedy watching, Latte drinking VA with a passion for bookkeeping and all things admin!

Natasha Barrett

East London, South Africa

Natasha loves double shot Cappuccinos, she’s not fond of watching TV or movies but she’s a avid reader.  Natasha is also the brains behind VA Celebrity’s email marketing and a top class proofreader / editor with great project management and travel planning skills.


Claire Bellavia

Wales, United Kingdom

Claire has a passion for reading, proofreading, research and content creation. She is addicted to Earl Grey tea which she drinks by the bucket load. She enjoys watching movies, documentaries, cooking shows and taking very deep dives into Pinterest.

Dee Trethewey

Queensland, Australia

Dee is a Netflix loving double shot Latte drinking Social Media Manager who lives in Queensland, Australia.  She loves working with Pinterest & Instagram and enjoys blogging and email marketing.