Why is Time Management so Important?

Time management is the key to any successful future.

It’s a blend of self-discipline, hard work, and great attitude. However, it can be difficult to figure out where to start or how to juggle multiple tasks. There are a few key factors that go into time management and how you could manage time more efficiently.

Once you develop motivation, you can dive into delegating yourself different tasks to better manage your time. There’s a reason the saying, ‘time is money,’ is so relevant in life. Sooner than later, you will be juggling multiple tasks between work, social life and personal time. Here are some tips to help you balance your life and show why time management is so important.


Time Management

Wasted Time

There are 24 hours in a day, but if you don’t plan each out accordingly, tons of time can be wasted. Before you go to bed, you should always ask yourself what tasks you need to accomplish tomorrow. This way, you wake up with a mission in mind. Without knowing what needs to be done, it’s highly more likely that you’ll waste more time by dilly-dallying until something comes up.

It doesn’t have to be finely detailed, but you should understand what tasks should be prioritized prior to the day-of. This will help you get the most out of your day. Time management is important because when you don’t plan, you risk missing an important task, adding more work for the following day, or major confusion that could end up ruining multiple tasks. So, for the sake of yourself, just think of what the next day consists of. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Tip: Don’t depend on your phone for a schedule (or your memory for that matter). Pick up a material planner and write every event and detail in it. It’s likely that you’ll end up depending on that planner for everything.

Inconvenience Others

No one appreciates that person who’s always “late to the party”. We have all had that friend or coworker that knows what time to arrive but is always late. Not only does this put the late person in an awkward position, but it can damage the whole atmosphere of a planned evening or meeting.

We get it, life happens and sometimes running late is unavoidable. By managing your time though, you can plan accordingly for simple things like traffic. It is very important that you take time to carefully plan out your day so that you don’t run the risk of sacrificing someone else’s schedule. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why you should work on managing your time efficiently. Sure, running late to a get together is one thing, but being late to something really important such as a job interview can make a huge impact on your life.

Tip: Use apps like Waze to estimate the time of your drive and the fastest route. Often times, these apps will navigate around traffic.

Time is money

There it is again – that nifty little saying. Chances are that you’ve heard the phrase, “time is money,” a million times before. Part of the reason this phrase is so relevant is that the more time you have, the more time you can spend at work (getting paid). That said if you’re paid a salary without the perk of overtime, spending more time at work isn’t a good way to manage time.

On the contrary, by managing your time at work efficiently, there’s less of a chance that you’ll waste time and need to stay later than what you’re paid for. Most people waste a significant time at work throughout the day. Rather than blankly staring at the computer screen or scrolling Facebook, plan out chunks of your day and dedicate them to important (work-related) tasks. Not to mention, if you have great time management skills and work ethic, you will open up many more job opportunities that will pay you more!

Not to mention if you aren’t spending so much time at one job, you can dedicate that extra time to other money-making tasks. For example, creating a blog is a great way to make some extra money on the side and share your life stories.

Tip: Rather than wasting an hour throughout the day, schedule a few 5-minute computer breaks at work to refresh your mind.


Healthier Lifestyle

As you become more efficient, you might find that you suddenly have more downtime than you’re used to. Rather than wasting this new-found privilege, you can take that time and create a healthier, happier lifestyle. This way you can develop skills and transcend ordinary bad habits.

For example, with more time you can decide to grocery shop and create a healthy meal plan for the week. When you’re rushing from place to place, it’s easier to grab a quick fast-food burger, but with some extra time, it’s possible to eat healthy. You could also take this new time to create a fitness schedule. One of the most efficient ways to get a workout in is to sign up for a membership with scheduled classes. This way, you’re guaranteed to get in a good workout for the time and money you spend. You’ll be that much more confident every day and in a new swimsuit once summer rolls around.

Tip: Whenever you find more time in your schedule, create a new slot in your planner for a different (healthy) task.

Ways to time manage

For beginners, time management starts by buying a planner. It might sound bizarre to carry around a planner when you have a cell phone on hand at all times but having something dedicated to your schedule makes all the difference. If necessary, you can also set timers and alarms on your cell phone to remind you to check your planner on a consistent basis. That way you stay productive and move forward consistently.

Of course, everyone needs a break here and there, but there’s nothing wrong with scheduling time for yourself as well. Time management includes all of your time, not just the time used on external things. It’s as important to plan time for your mental health as well – whether that’s meditation or your favourite Netflix show.

One of the best ways to time manage is to hire a virtual assistant, especially to get started. It’s your assistant’s job to plan your time and help delegate tasks to make your life less stressful and find more time in your busy day. More time means more money and more freedom to do what you want. Delegating is a powerful thing!

There’s no secret as to why time management is so important. Planning your day will not only save you stress in the beginning but also offer you a feeling of pride once you finish all of your tasks. Ready to take the dive into time management? Contact me today for any questions you have!


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