Hiring Delegate

The How & Why to Hiring & Delegating

Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant and delegate? Do you want to get out of DIY land and into CEO land? 

Riding the struggle train is hard but it’s also completely unnecessary.

The internet has opened the world to freelancers who are building companies and changing lives, and you’re one of themHiring can be quite stressful, but it can also be one of the best things you can do for your business. Smart CEO’s are building global virtual teams around the globe. 

So at what point in your business do you say to yourself: That’s it, I need help!
  • Is it when you’re not sure how to do something and have no interest in learning how to use yet another software program?
  • Is it because something that was never meant to be a part of your daily tasks is now taking up your entire day?
  • Is it because you have had enough of fumbling through hundreds of emails each day?
  • Is it when you’re still full time in your 9-5 and know you need help to grow your business while you transition to a full-time business owner?
  • Is it because you’re done spending 20 hours a day in front of your laptop, Monday to Monday?

Or is it because you know that you can grow your company that much quicker if someone else takes care of the stuff that doesn’t light you up!

You’ve answered yes to one, or more, or all, of the above and you’ve decided that you definitely need to outsource!

Where do you start? What do you do?

Where should your VA start? Calendar scheduling, automating emails, customer support, prioritizing your tasks, prioritizing their tasks…

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Don’t panic. This is what you do…

You create a plan of action!


Start with creating an overall to-do list

Everything that needs to be or you’d like completed in the next 3 months should be on this list. The list does not have to be in any specific order. You don’t have to only add things that you might outsource. You just need to get it all onto paper.

Once you’ve done that, break it up into categories

You can start with high-level categories, and you can add more detail later, or have your VA do it for you. If you use finance as a high-level category, you can add sub-categories such as invoicing, payments, tracking subscriptions, etc.

Assign a priority or set the deadline

If there isn’t a specific project deadline, add a date you’d like to have the work completed.
Once that’s done, it’s important to get quite clear on why you’re hiring a VA and the tasks that you are willing to let go of. You have to be ready to give full ownership of that role and the tasks you delegate to your VA.

Hire Slow! Fire Fast!

A lot of people in the online world are advised to hire slow and fire fast! I think this a little foolish and could cost you a lot of time & money!
And since Rome wasn’t built in a day & masterpieces take time, I always recommend working at least 3 months with your VA!
I always recommend booking a discovery call, or coffee chat as I like to call them, with a VA that you’re interested in hiring and take it from there. So many things are teachable, but there’s not much you can do if you & your VA are not a good match before you even get started. 
So why hire a VA?

Your VA will help you stay on task, organized, and on point. She will organize the chaos and spare you the agony of doing the stuff that stops you from doing what you love doing. Growing your business and serving your clients.


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Janine xoxo

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