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The #1 reason you need a Virtual Assistant

What’s the #1 reason you need a Virtual Assistant?…


…to avoid the pitfall of drowning in your business!

Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it?… But it is the number 1 reason so many entrepreneurs get stuck. It could be at a certain income level or they end up burning out because they try and burn the candle on both ends doing everything themselves. And the busier they get, the harder it becomes to maintain.
Your need a virtual assistant
While it might work for a short period of time, it is not a sustainable business model. Sure we all do it when we are getting started, but as business owners, we should never hinder our success and our growth by thinking that we cannot outsource. I have heard so many excuses why business owners that should be outsourcing don’t. The three most common excuses are:
  • I can’t afford a Virtual Assistant.
  • No one can do it the way I can.
  • I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out.

These are valid reasons at certain stages in business but many people use them as excuses.


Let’s look at excuse number 1 – I can’t afford a Virtual Assistant.

With only 24 hours in a day, perhaps you are working 15 or 16 hour day’s like I was before hiring my first virtual assistant. If you are constantly worrying about unanswered emails, not posting consistently on social media, booking & confirming appointments, sending out invoices or even following up on payments, then you are not putting in the kind of quality hours that are required to grow your business.

You are merely drowning in administrative jazz. Tasks that you can outsource if you wanted to. Not only do you free up your time, but you’re also able to minimize your stress and make space in your head for the things that only you can do.  It is those things that only you can do that will grow your business and generate more income

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Then there is Excuse number 2 – No one can do it the way I can.

This is a lie that a lot of business owners tell themselves. Simply put, if you can teach someone else to do it, then you don’t need to do it. You should only be focused on doing the things in your business that no-one else can do. Find 3 things that only you can do and outsource as much of the rest as possible.

  • If you’re a coach, coach!
  • If you’re a realtor, sell!
  • If you’re an author, write!

The Pareto Principle or as it’s more commonly known these days, the 80/20 Rule, states that 20% of your time spent is what generates 80% of your results. Why wouldn’t you want to focus all of your effort on the 20% that increases your revenue?

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And, Excuse number 3 – I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out.

And as much as I hate to say it, sometimes it is a case of you tried to hire as cheap as possible and you kinda got what you paid for. Most times, however, it’s a case of not having clear expectations set from the start, not having processes in place for your business that enables a smooth handover or treating your VA like an employee. It’s important to remember that they are business owners too and your success is as important to them as it is to you.

So the next time you consider hiring a VA but you don’t, ask yourself, what is the real cost to my business if I don’t hire one? 

I can list hundreds of ways a Virtual Assistant can help you…
But the number one reason you need a Virtual Assistant is so that you can stay in your zone of genius and focus on the things in your business that only you can do!
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Janine xoxo

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