How to post in Facebook Groups to attract your ideal client


Everything you need to know to market your business in Facebook Groups

How many times have you to tried to market your business in a Facebook group only to have your post deleted with a reminder from a group owner or admin that self-promo is not allowed. Some group owners go as far as booting people who do this… Some groups are even against you dropping links when commenting on a thread…

How to find clients in Facebook groups


So what do you do? You connect!

Many people have found success by forming a relationship with their ideal client in Facebook groups. They do this by liking and adding comments with value when answering their ideal clients’ questions or providing feedback. If you do this regularly in a few selected groups where your ideal client is they will notice you.

Adding value increases brand & personal recognition as well as the very important; know, like, trust factor. Soon enough your ideal client will mosey on over to your personal profile & your business page. These two should always be connected so that a prospective client can find out more about you & your services… Make it as easy as possible for them to access your online presence.

But… before you dive in and start liking and commenting, read through the 6 tips below that help you craft the perfect response to your ideal clients’ posts, that not only adds real value but gets your ideal clients’ to notice & engage with you.

Diamond Tips:

1. Be sure to read the post carefully so that you understand the full context of what the post is about. (I cannot tell you how many times I have shared a post or asked a question, only to get half an answer or an answer that wasn’t even related to my post.) If you want your reply to have a real impact & leave your ideal client impressed. Read to understand, not just to answer.

2. Draft a reply in your head or if it requires a more detailed response, type it out in a word document or the ‘Notes’ app if you’re using a Mac.

3. Grammarly is a great app you can download that checks for spelling and grammar errors and is mobile & desktop friendly. The upgraded version helps with sentence structure as well.

4. Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Get your ideal client to take notice by making sure that your reply is packed with value, solves the problem they are having or answers the question with authority.

5. Engage the original poster by ending your reply with a question that is related to the original problem or query. Not doing this ends the dialogue and your ability to drive the conversation, either to a private message or by leading them to your Facebook page because you have sparked their curiosity about what else you can do for them.

6. Avoid getting noticed for the wrong reasons. Even though you might not agree with a statement that was made by a member of the group, you need to remember that you are trying to attract your ideal client and not win an argument, so take care when expressing your opinions.

A sure-fire way to position yourself as an authority in your field is to participate in the Facebook Group’s daily prompts. This helps with visibility & your ability to provide even more value.
Statistics show that the average Facebook user has joined over 30 groups. It’s pretty impossible to be active in that many groups consistently. I suggest you pick your top 5 groups, where you know your ideal client hangs out, read the groups“About” page so that you know what is and what is not allowed. Group owners will often post the group rules and daily prompts in that section to give the community a place to reference.

So… now that you have been equipped with everything you need to know to engage & network & start attracting your ideal client, you can focus on your 5 favourite groups without any fear of your efforts going unnoticed.

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