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How to choose the right project management tool for your business

Project Management systems help track and organize work, assign duties and deadlines, give feedback, communicate with your team, share documents and much more! Do you have a system in place? Do you use a Project Management Tool?


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Below is a list of exceptionally well designed Project Management Tools and the reason why they are great for your business. The most important thing to remember is that a Project Management system will only work for you if you use it consistently and if it is managed well.



This is the Project Management system I use at VA Celebrity and recommend to everyone. While Basecamp no longer has a free version, if you are an entrepreneur with multiple projects and teams, it is one of the best systems for project management, team communication, file sharing and more. Basecamp replaces the need for separate storage, external chat apps, emails, and calendars.



Easy to coordinate teams and projects within tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards. If you love lists, this is a great software. A great feature offered by Asana is the ability to create tasks which are accessible from more than one project, so there is no need to duplicate tasks if they are relevant to more than one project. Asana has both a paid and free version.



Trello is perfect for the visual person. This project management system organizes projects in cards and lists within boards. It also integrates with a host of other programs, such as Google docs to create a seamless experience. Multiple users can be added to teams and boards. Trello has a mobile app, so it is super easy to access. Trello offers a free and paid version.


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This is a robust system that manages all aspects of a project. It is fairly simple to assign tasks, set up dependencies and create new projects and it has the ability to sort by options such as priority, etc. Teamwork has a free forever option for up to 5 users and a multi-tiered paid versions.



Zoho is feature-packed. It allows you to organize projects, assign tasks, set priority levels to specific tasks, and more. It is a very robust project management system, which includes a CRM. Zoho offers a free and paid version. provides an easy-to-use visual tool where entrepreneurs can immediately see what the team is working on. Monday is a paid project management system that has a 14 day trial period.



My favorite feature from ClickUp is the dashboard, which allows you to easily switch between viewing your tasks and viewing your team’s tasks, so you are easily able to see the distribution of time & resources. ClickUp offers 3 different views, calendar, list & boards. Another great feature is the ability to assign comments to team members. Free and paid versions available.


Knowing which system is the best for your business can be a bit of trial and error until you find the one that is the easiest for you to use and meets all of your company needs. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a large company, effectively using a project management system will save you time, money & headaches.


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