How to stress less and be more productive

How to become less stressed & more productive

Are you stressed & want to be more productive?

Your role as the business owner is to set the strategy for your business. It is not to be in the weeds of the busy work. This is the only way to reduce stress and increase your overall productivity. I know, a lot easier said than done! Especially since you have no doubt had to wear so many hats for so long.
Less stress more productive

Let Go!

But it is time to let go of the tasks that stress you out, do not grow your business and you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant. Your role is to create a realistic plan for your team to follow. One that challenges them to move forward, but is not a minefield to follow and near impossible to complete. This will only end up frustrating you and alienating your team.
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Get Specific

Make sure that the goals and deadlines are specific and not ambiguous. No one likes to guess what needs to happen next. Team members must be owners of their tasks. If you have team members that are always asking for your approval for every little detail, you need to break that cycle. They should be able to take the initiative on tasks and only check in with you if it is necessary.
Set up a project or task schedule so that you can easily track the status without being involved in the busy work.
1. You need to know which tasks are on track and which are not.
2. If a task is due in 24 hours or less and has not yet been started, this should be prioritized by the team.
3. If the team is going to miss the deadline, it is important to understand why the deadline was missed. Understanding the root cause and the obstacles that prevented the team from meeting the deadline is important for future planning.
4. You should notify you immediately should something go wrong or if they are not going complete a given assignment in the agreed upon time.

Use the differences

It is also important to remember that no two people are alike and everyone has the own own strengths and weaknesses.
It is exceptionally useful to make sure the right person is working on the right task. Asking a designer to write sales copy for your Facebook Ads will do more harm than good! To your budget and their morale.
People are generally happy and more efficient when they are working in their zone of genius.
If you know what your team members enjoy and are good at, assign them more of those tasks where possible.

Be Strategic

If you are able to assign more “busy work” to your Virtual Assistant, you can free up more of your own time to strategically grow your business without being constantly stressed and bogged down by the day to day tasks that your team can handle.

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