How to find your ideal client

Have you ever given your ideal client much thought?…

As an online business owner, I know how hard it can be to find clients never mind your ideal client.  First and foremost you need to identify who your ideal client is. Truth be told this should be the first step of business before you even think about WHAT you want to do you need to identify WHO you want to serve and why.  Many businesses fail even though they have a great product or service because quite frankly the market doesn’t need it or they simply don’t know who they are selling it to.  In order to sell something, you need to identify your target audience so that you can align your marketing efforts with your audience and target your ideal client.

To figure out WHO your ideal client is you need to start with your avatar, but first let’s take a look at the WHAT.

How to find your ideal client
1. Think about your passion. What drives you and what are you good at? Will you still feel the same about this in 5 or 10 years?
2. Then, identify a problem.  Does your service or product solve a particular problem, is there the possibility of market growth and who is your competition?  Can you do solve the problem better and faster?
3. Here is the money question. Will your perfect client be able to afford your solution?  Is your ideal client pool large enough to sustain your business and offer growth?  Is your solution a once off or is there an option for recurring revenue?
4. Positioning.  Can you be seen as the go-to in the market and what is the message the market is using?
5. Marketing pathway. Is your product or service easy to sell online?  Which social media platforms are best to use to target your ideal client?
Exploring these 5 elements brings you closer to WHO your ideal client is. Take a few minutes to think about them and write down your answers for each element and accompanying question.

Let’s take a look at WHO your ideal client is.

Who are they?
What is their name, their gender, their age and where do they live?  Are they married or single?  What’s their annual income?
What do they do?
Which social media platforms do they use?   Where do they hang-out? Which associations do they belong to and which brands do they follow?  Are they experts in their field or are they just starting out?  How do they behave and which events do they attend?
Write a clear description of your avatar.
Now that you know who your ideal client is you are in a better position to know how you can reach them.  Join social media groups where they hang out, make an engagement calendar for these groups and start hanging out there too. Post questions quotes and share helpful tips.  Doing this will ensure that you get noticed.   Don’t be negative, complain or berate anyone in these groups. People are naturally attracted to positivity.  Remember whatever you put on social media stays on social media.
If your ideal is only contactable by email then go ahead and look for your ideal client on social media platforms, they usually put their contact information out there so use it.  Write a killer email pitch and send it to them.
In closing, you need to make sure that your branding sends a loud and clear message as to who YOU are and what YOU DO.  If your branding does not back up your talk then chances are that your ideal client won’t think that you can solve their problem.
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