Workload overwhelm

Are you completely overwhelmed by your workload?

I am just so overwhelmed. The amount of work I have to accomplish in the next month is overwhelming. Does this sound familiar? Is it something you have said in the last few days? Perhaps you’ve even said something similar today.

How to cope with overwhelm

Is this your reality?

This is a reality all entrepreneurs face. With to-do lists that are miles long and admin tasks that we bury ourselves beneath.  All this, while trying to keep all these balls in the air by ourselves. And it’s not necessary. In today’s world, the help of a professional and expert Virtual Assistant, who is ready to support you and your business is just one call away.

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or having everything happen at once.” ~ Paul Coelho


How are you using your time?

There are only 24 hours in a day and YOU should decide how you are going to spend that time. I imagine checking off a to-do list does not rank high on your list of what you want to do, yet it dominates what you actually do.

You should be doing the things that bring you joy, move your business forward and keeps you interested. You can’t focus on any of those if you are stressed and overwhelmed.


Time to change that hat

Sometimes you don’t even realise just how many hats you’re wearing until you can’t see the wood for the trees. And this is because, at the start of our businesses, we are usually the ones doing everything.  Do you need help getting out from the administrative tasks that you feel buried under?  Emails – on it. Graphics to be created – busy with it. Facebook posts – coming up. Insta stories – recording now. It’s exhausting and you can pass off almost all of the above and so much more to a qualified Virtual Assistant.


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Office bound

Entrepreneurs don’t need to be administrative geniuses, nor do they need a PA in the office. Entrepreneurs need to lead the business while the trusted Virtual Assistant is there to ensure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. Consistently and on time.


What you should be focusing on

Regardless of the type of business that you’re in, there will be certain things that only you can do. Negotiate a contract. Create a new product. Network with new prospects. Those are where your focus should be. And if you aren’t focusing on those things, you could find your business in trouble.

It’s important not to try and do less of everything, but rather outsource those tasks which a virtual assistant can take care of for you. If you’re a business coach, a virtual assistant cannot create a coaching plan for your client, but she can take care of the admin tasks related to that client such as invoicing and scheduling.


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