Your Business Needs You to Declutter

It’s not about knocking down walls, getting rid of all your possessions, or minimalism.
Feng Shui is a practical and tangible method for increasing abundance, health, and wellbeing. And if you want to attract success into your business, getting your office in order is a must. Since your office is the visual representation of your business, it must spark joy, creativity, and abundance.

Business Detox


The first step in creating this harmonious and productive workspace is to declutter. There are tons of positive effects from doing this, including:


  1. Attract more clients, abundance
  2. As you start to clear your clutter, you will become much lighter and happier.
  3. Clutter clearing gets you out of your rut. You feel energized and have more momentum for yourself and your business.
  4. You will become more clear-headed, focused and insightful.
  5. You have greater confidence in your abilities and decisions, so you feel more hopeful and optimistic about the future.
  6. Clearing out your clutter creates space for possibility, new opportunities, and new ideas.
  7. Proper organization can bring revitalization to almost every area of your life. Imagine the time you’ll have to do the things you really want to do when you learn to manage your daily activities effortlessly!

Let me guide you through the process.
First, tune in and ask yourself how it feels to be in your office space.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and look around and see what you know is not necessary for your office space. Whatever this item is, chances are it is blocking creativity and flow in your business.
It’s time to do a clear out and make space for new opportunities and make your office reflect exactly how you want your business to grow and expand.

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Clutter not only increases stress levels, affects focus and clarity, but it also causes you to feel stuck professionally, creatively, spiritually and financially. So, if you want to attract more clients, feel lighter, and welcome in new opportunities, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

So, where should you begin? Decluttering can seem like a huge endeavour, one that causes a lot of stress. But let me break it down into manageable chunks that you can do one step at a time:
Start with paperwork. Recycle old bills, receipts, appraisal forms, bank statements and notes that you no longer need.
Then, move on to your books. We have a tendency to hang on to every book we’ve ever read, even if we don’t have any intention of rereading it. Go through each book one by one and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If the answer is yes, keep it. But if you’re holding on that book out of guilt, or just because you think you should, it’s time to let it go.

After books, tackle your stationary and equipment. Got lots of pens cluttering up your desk drawer? Decide which ones you really enjoy writing with and donate the rest to an organization or school that could use them. If you’ve got old computer equipment that’s obsolete or you no longer need, get rid of it. Keep only what brings you joy and donate the rest.

Next, take a look around for anything that’s broken. Are you really going to fix that? Toss it and move on.

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Now eliminate anything that is unrelated to your business. We all know exercise equipment, suitcases and kids toys like to spread out in everyone’s homes. They cause distractions and don’t add any value to your office.

Next, move on to digital clutter. This is just as important as physical clutter, especially if you work on your computer all day long.

Keep your home screen clear. Delete desktop icons that you don’t use, empty your recycle bin, and tidy up. Download a motivating background or create your own digital vision board to keep you inspired.

Go through your computer files and email inbox. Delete anything that is unwanted or unnecessary. Use to unsubscribe from email lists you no longer want to be on.

Once you’ve completed these tasks, tune in again and ask yourself how you feel. Does the room feel lighter? Do you feel more inspired? Is there anything else within your office space that’s niggling at you that you think you should declutter?
By going through these steps, you’ve begun to clear negative energy and allow space for abundance to manifest. You deserve a pat on the back!

Guest Post by Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan, helps women become magnetic to success, abundance, and all the good things. She shows you what they don’t teach in school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a Feng Shui expert, a healer and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband.

Patricia has seen first hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically.  An incredibly spiritual person but also highly practical too.

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