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14 practical steps to getting organized & saving time in your business!

Being disorganized makes everything hard!  It wastes ridiculous amounts of time which ends up costing small businesses hundreds of dollars.

Not only that, it is frustrating and a huge energy zapper!


These 14 practical tips, that you can implement right away, will help you get organized and save you time and money.

1. Declutter

Your office, your desk, and your computer! It’s a lot easier to get organized when you don’t have to deal with unnecessary clutter. Digital clutter is still clutter. Start by tackling your desk and your office and then move onto the digital clutter.


2. Create a document management system

Both digital & paper files can be sorted into categories and levels of importance. Create a system or use an already built system to organize current and future documents, content creation plans, blogs, etc. once the decluttering process is complete.


3. Lose the paper if you don’t have to legally keep it

Create your own digital pdf library by scanning all your printed documents. Once you’ve scanned them, shred them.


4. Systemize your business

No matter how small or easy the task may seem to you, document the steps required to complete a task the way you want it done. It makes delegating that task a whole lot easier. It will also eliminate a lot of questions when you decide that you are ready to outsource.


5. Don’t be an anti-delegator

This article lists 8 things you should be delegating right now. In summary, they are:
♦ Tasks that keep you from growing your business
♦ Activities that will help speed up cash flow
♦ Areas that are out of your wheelhouse
♦ Tasks that are already streamlined
♦ Tasks in areas with often-changing regulations
♦ Projects that impede development
♦ Anything you want your team to learn
♦ The stuff you simply hate to do


6. Use a Password tool

Having all your login information in one protected space is not only super efficient but it prevents you from having to hit the “forgot password” button at least once a week.


7. Make a to-do list each night before going to bed

It does not have to be in any order of importance. It’s just to get it out of your head and onto paper. You can decide on the importance of tasks the next day.

A great tip for maximizing lists is Covey’s Time Management Grid. Use the grid to help you decide what is:

  • Urgent and Important
  • Not urgent but important
  • Urgent, but not important
  • Not urgent and not important


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8. Don’t start your day by checking emails

It forces you into a reactive state. You always want to be running your business from a proactive state.


9. Limit your distractions to a certain time of the day

Schedule time each day for disruptive tasks. Returning phone calls is a great example. If a client calls outside of this time, have a company voicemail set up that allows your client to leave you a message and you can focus on your work without being interrupted. Checking social media inboxes. Time can be scheduled to reply to messages received on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


10. Use a Project Management tool

At VA Celebrity we are huge Basecamp & Trello fans. Asana is also a great Project Management tool if you like lists.


11. Automate as much as you can

Set recurring tasks where possible. If you use Gmail, Boomerang is a useful extension that allows you to schedule emails. Zapier is another tool that helps with automating tasks and saving you time.


12. Limit meetings to 30 minutes

Meetings can waste a lot of time if not structured properly. Only invite the necessary people. Follow a structured agenda and set a timer.


13. Batch as many tasks as possible

Completing tasks in batches not only keeps you focused on those, but will save you a ton of time.


14. Relinquish control

The best way to be organized and increase growth is to have a birds-eye view of your entire business, and the only way to do this is to delegate.


Nothing is set in stone. Revisit your organization structure/setup and evaluate what does and does not work for you. If something you set up 6 months ago isn’t working for you, change it. You’ll never stick to keeping yourself & your business organized if it’s more effort than it’s worth.

And remember you can’t manage time, but you can manage energy. Decide on how you want to use your energy to stay organized and on top of your tasks.


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